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How a Faulty Profiling Can Harm Your Ad Conversion

As a result of faulty profiling, an ad may not convert even if you are selling it on Facebook which is believed to be best because of their detailed targeting data.

What faulty profiling basically means is, using wrong, inaccurate or incomplete information about the people you're trying to attract to your funnel or sell something to.

You need to have almost, every single information (data) you can get about the people you want to sell to, else, your ad won't grab their attention. Of course, you and I know that if you can’t get their attention, you can’t get them to take your desired action. And if you can’t make them take your desired action, you have failed in your marketing campaign. You need to read what marketing experts do when they have a fail marketing campaign.

So now, what are some of the things you need to have a good profile of your target market?

Firstly, you need to know this vital information about your target audience:

 Their race, country

 Their age-range

 Educational status

 Work/career line (occupation)

 Religion or faith

 Hobbies, interest, gender, political views

 Pages they follow

 Public figures and celebrities they follow

 Their problems, secret desires, hopes, aspirations, and dreams.

These are not the only information you need to have to create a compelling message to your target audience. Even other seemingly "insignificant" information like what they have done in the past.

The people you are currently buying stuff from will give you more insights into "their world" and help you come to with creative angles in your ads.

The problem is, this aspect involves a lot of research to come up with a good and reliable data.

However, with a smart feature like the "Facebook Audience Insight" it will help you "peep" deeper into their world.

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